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Charity Action Summary

The women of Bielsko-Biała have proven once again that they are great, talented and they support one another. On 23 January 2018,  the Charity Action of the 7th Congress of the Women of the Podbeskidzie Region under the patronage of Mirosława Nykiel, MP, was summarised on the premises of the Jewish Community of Bielsko-Biała.

This time it was the publication of a unique 2018 calendar; the earnings from its sales were donated to the activity of the hospice: Salwatoriańskie Hospicjum, in Bielsko-Biała – a cheque for PLN 9,600 was collected by the Management of Salwatoriańskie Stowarzyszenie Hospicyjne chaired by Grażyna Chorąży – I Perła Kongresu Kobiet [First Pearl of the Congress of Women].

The originators of calendar publication were two Bielsko-Biała female residents: Ula Bożałkińska /a retired judge/, who enriched each month with her poetry, and Anna Godlewska, who decorated it with beautiful drawings of the exceptional women of Jewish origin.
The cheque handover ceremony was preceded by the exhibition of new works of art of Anna Godlewska, the portraits of famous and outstanding women, and the poems of Ula Bożałkińska read and sang by actress Kasia Dendys. Mirosława Nykiel, MP, accompanied by Anna Godlewska and Ula Bożałkińska handed over the cheque and announced the 8th Congress of the Women of the Podbeskidzie Region emphasising that this year is special for women as it marks the 100th anniversary of voting rights for women in Poland. The hostess of the evening was energetic Dorota Wiewióra – Chairwomen of the Jewish Community of Bielsko-Biała. It was a special and memorable evening.

Congress of the Women of the Podbeskidzie Region – Press Conference

 A press conference inaugurating the 8th Congress of the Women of the Podbeskidzie Region is over. The event took place in the Sulkowski Dukes’ Castle on 8 March 2018. The invited guests included the sponsors, media partners, organisers and dedicated supporters of the Congress. The press conference was also attended by many exceptional women from business, culture, health and media circles. This year’s edition under the banner: “Our Future in Our Hands”, will focus on the historic events related to the 100th anniversary of voting rights for women.

The Congress will open with the promotion of the Jacek Kachel’s book about Selma Kurz, an opera diva born in Biala and raised in Bielitz (Bielsko-Biala), which will take place on the premises of Gmina Wyznaniowa Żydowska [the Jewish Community of Bielsko-Biała] on 7 May 2018.

On 19 June 2018, skin care and beauty workshops, demonstrations and treatments for women will be organised at Bielska Wyższa Szkoła im. Tyszkiewicza [Tyszkiewicz College].

The first event in September will be devoted to workshops for entrepreneurial women and organised by Akademia Przedsiębiorczości i Sukcesu.

Stowarzyszenie Beskidzkiej Inicjatywy Lokalnej is the organiser of the next event – the Meeting with the Songs from the 1920s and 1930s. The performance of Michał Samburski, the star of the evening, will be followed by discussion on the situation of the women of that period – their lifestyles, attire and everyday hardships.

The Congress will be closed with an exceptional Gala organised by Stowarzyszenie Teatr Inspiracji. The “Your Future in Your Hands” happening will be prepared to commemorate the 100th anniversary of voting rights for women.

The star of this year’s Gala will be Gosia Andrzejewicz – an artist, whose best known songs are: “Pozwól żyć”, “Słowa” and “Lustro”.

The Congress plans also include the idea of a commemorative publication; related earnings will be donated to a charitable purpose.

Events devoted to Selma Kurz – Schedule

7 May 2018, 6:00 p.m. Gmina Wyznaniowa Żydowska in Bielsku-Białej ul. 3 Maja 7

Lecture: “Selma Kurz’s Concerts” – Jacek Kachel

admission free

10 May 2018, 5 p.m. – the Książnica Beskidzka library

Promotion of the book titled: “Selma Kurz, Słowik z Bielska i Białej” by Jacek Kachel

admission free

11 May 2018  – the Ceremonial Hall at the Jewish Cemetery in Bielsko-Biała, ul. Cieszyńska 92

5:30 p.m. – Commemoration of the grave of Wilhelm Kurz, Selma’s father.

6:00 p.m. – Concert: Selma Kurz – the first singer of the Vienna Imperial and Royal Court Opera born in Biala and raised in Bielitz (Bielsko-Biala)

admission free, a limited number of seats – registration to the concert during accompanying events


Events devoted to Selma Kurz – Summary

The event opening the 8th Congress of the Women of the Podbeskidzie Region took place on 7 May 2018. During the meeting, Jacek Kachel, a Bielsko-Biała historian, introduced the figure and artistic oevre of Selma Kurz, a famous opera singer born in Biala, to the audience. Then, on 10 May 2018, a large audience gathered in the Książnica Beskidzka library in Bielsko-Biała for the promotion of Jacek Kachel’s book titled: “Selma Kurz, Słowik z Bielska i Białej”. The last event devoted to the memory of Selma Kurz was a concert which took place in the Jewish Cemetery in Bielsko-Biała preceded by the ceremony commemorating our heroine’s father. The main star of the evening was Natalia Kawałek-Plewniak – a young Polish mezzo-soprano permanently residing in Vienna, a graduate of the Fryderyk University of Music in Wrsaw and the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. The soloist was accompanied by the ThreeX trio. It was an inspiring musical performance which captivated the audience!


The next event being part of the 8th Congress of the Women of the Podbeskidzie Region is over – namely the “Beauty Tyszkiewicz – Health and Beauty Captured in Herbs” organised for the fourth time by Bielska Wyższa Szkoła im. J. Tyszkiewicza in Bielsko-Biała. This year, the event gathered the record audience of 300. Of course, numerous attractions awaited our Congress participants, such as skin care treatments, lectures by health and beauty experts, workshops delivered by experts, free consultation, make-up art and photo points, as well as various stands.  The lecture by professor Jerzy Stojkow “Wykorzystanie miodu w kosmetologii” [Uses for Honey in Cosmetology] enjoyed huge popularity. The most interesting stands prepared by our guests were those of Tradycyjna Chata and EkaMedica companies.  More than 130 participants received gifts, e.g. vanity bags, skin care treatment and SPA vouchers funded by our generous sponsors. The culminating event of the Congress was the Gala with the addresses delivered by Ewa Madoń – Pro-Vice Chancellor of the Tyszkiewicz College, Mirosława Nykiel – Patron of the Congress of the Women of the Podbeskidzie Region, and with the captivating fashion show of the new collection by Beata Bojda prepared by the “Grabowska Models” Agency.

Photo Agnieszka Smółka